Green Jobs, Safe Jobs


Green Jobs, Safe Jobs

Global warming and threatened shortages of natural resources have created the potential in the U.S. for a green economy, in which new jobs arise and old jobs change in response to new environmental realities. The growth in green jobs has so far been slow. But it is likely only to increase in the future.

Green jobs are usually defined as those that benefit the environment, such as weatherization to make buildings energy efficient. But many jobs which are called green pose health and safety hazards; some introduce new hazards. Green jobs need to be safe for workers as well as the environment. They should also pay a living wage with benefits and opportunities for career advancement. Green jobs should sustain both workers and the environment.

NYCOSH works to ensure that green jobs are safe and healthy for workers as well as the environment. We do this through public education, worker training and advocacy.

NYCOSH's recent activities include:

- NYCOSH recently delivered health and safety training to staff of the Association for Energy Affordability (AEA), a nonprofit that provides training and technical services to a local network of community-based organizations working to improve energy efficiency programs in multifamily buildings.

- NYCOSH co-sponsored an educational forum with the NYC Central Labor Council, “Are Green Jobs Safe Jobs?”

- Through a grant from the National Institute of Environmental and Health Sciences (NIEHS), NYCOSH worked with SEIU Local 32BJ curriculum developers to weave occupational safety and health components into a training course for building superintendents, managers and others who work in large residential “green” buildings. We conducted several workshops for 32BJ members.

- NYCOSH also used an NIEHS grant to develop and deliver a training program on green technologies for members and apprentices of the District Council of Carpenters. NYCOSH delivered a train-the-trainer program that has enabled the district’s Labor Technical College to incorporate our classroom materials and teacher instructions into all their programs.

- NYCOSH worked with Long Island workers to promote the use of green cleaning products. Through grant funding from the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute, we ran customized training sessions for maintenance workers and teachers in CSEA and NYSUT.

Green Jobs, Safe Jobs resources

Are Green Jobs Safe Jobs? pdf of NYCOSH training presentation

Green Buildings, Green Jobs  pdf of NYCOSH training presentation

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