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(Please copy or print this form and return via email, fax or mail to the contact information listed at the bottom of page)

___Please add me to NYCOSH’s email list so I can be notified of health and safety news, upcoming trainings, events, legislative campaigns and other activities and actions that advocate for the human right of every worker to a safe and healthful workplace.

___I would like to volunteer. Please see what I have checked below on how I can contribute.

NAME: ____________________________________________________




EMAIL: ____________________________________________________


MAILING ADDRESS: _________________________________________

(street and apt. number)


(city, state and zip code)


PHONE NUMBER, including area code (required for volunteers):________________________________________________



I can do the following:


_____ I can work with others to develop support for action

(name your issue of interest) _____________________________________


_____ I can help write grants


_____ I can do research to help to identify possible grant funding


_____ I can do research or help write testimony for public hearings on health and safety issues, or help write new draft standards


_____ I can conduct training on health and safety topics of interest

(issue(s)) _________________________________________________


_____ I can help write factsheets on ___________________ (your area(s) of interest) that can be put up on the website


_____I can be part of a NYCOSH speakers’ bureau and can attend city council and community board hearings on relevant topics


_____I can help write reports (i.e., a yearly report on the state of H&S in NYS…)


_____ I can do some fundraising


_____ I can help to bring in new members to NYCOSH


_____ I can host a house party to raise money for NYCOSH


_____ I can translate materials (language) __________________________


_____  Other ideas (list here)





Topics of interest:



_____Immigrant H&S

_____Chemicals/Haz Comm/Right-to-Know

_____Construction Hazards

_____Disaster Preparedness/emergency Response

_____Ergonomics/Musculoskeletal Disorders

_____Green Job Hazards

_____Hazardous Waste

_____Health & Safety committees

_____Health & Safety legislation  

_____Indoor Air Quality/Mold                                                

_____Infectious Diseases/Pandemics



_____Workplace Violence

_____Workers' Compensation

_____Young Workers 



Please return this form via mail, fax or by scanning it into an email to:

116 John Street, Suite 604, New York, NY 10038
Phone: 212-227-6440
Fax: 212-227-9854


For NYCOSH internal use:

Trainer: _____ DOT: ________   DB:  _______   CC: _____

NYCOSH Offices:

New York City
61 Broadway - Suite 1710
NY, NY 10006
(Fax) 212-227-9854

Long Island
150 Motor Parkway - Suite 306
Hauppauge, NY 11788
(Fax) 631-435-1893