Carol Berman

Carol Berman is NYCOSH’s Industrial Hygienist. She conducts on-site evaluations of environmental and occupational safety and health hazards, including exposure assessment, sampling and interpretation of sampling results, and options for hazard controls. One of Carol’s main focus areas is the New York Healthy Nail Salons Coalition which includes doing Health and Safety Assessments, sampling, training, establishing healthy nail salon criteria and working with Workers United to ensure employees’ rights to representation. As part of the nail salon project, she also works with other coalition groups as well as regulatory and research agencies.

Carol holds a Masters in Occupational and Environmental Health from Hunter College. Past positions include Union Organizer, and Industrial Hygienist for federal (OSHA & NIOSH), state and county government as well as for universities (Rutgers, UMDNJ), health care facilities, public schools, training agencies, public transportation (SEPTA) and unions. Ms. Berman has also taught university courses in Occupational Safety and Health (OS&H) at Rutgers University. Besides being an active union member, Carol has participated in membership drives and getting representation for vulnerable worker groups. She has served on both Health and Safety and contract negotiating committees and was involved in a successful efforts to obtain union representation at past employers.

She has been involved in coalition building on a local community level which resulted in a toxic waste site being put on EPA’s Super Fund List. Carol is involved in both local and national politics and serves as her district’s committee person. She has reached out to Congress about OS&H funding cuts, education and health care issues.