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Precautions for COVID-19: When to say “NO!”

Wednesday, April 14, 2021
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
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All four primary pillars of the pandemic precautions must work together if we are to be reasonably safe at work: masks, sanitizing, distancing, and ventilation. But what other information is needed? This seminar is designed to arm workers with enough basic information to know when a workplace is a reasonably safe place, or when it is best to say “No!” The following questions will be asked and answered: Should cloth face coverings be one layer, two, or more? Should we wear more than one mask? Should we wear N95s? What about shields? How is PPE affected by workplace air pollution? Which sanitizers kill the virus without harming us? How do we know when manufacturers’ claims are bogus? What basic questions should all employers be able to answer about the ventilation in your workplace?

Presented by: Monona Rossol, Author & Safety Officer, United Scenic Artists, Local USA829, IATSE, and President of Arts, Crafts & Theater Safety

NYC CLC/NYCOSH 2021: Safety & Health Series

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