NYCOSH Statement on Hurricane Harvey and Updated Hurricane and Flood Fact Sheets for Workers from NYCOSH and National COSH


NYCOSH Statement on Hurricane Harvey and updated Hurricane and Flood Fact Sheets for Workers

Our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with the many who have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey and subsequent historic flooding in Houston and the Gulf region. NYCOSH has had our share of navigating epic disasters in New York, from 9/11 to Superstorm Sandy. We understand the need for workers, responders, and survivors to be protected from various hazards and to have the information and training they need. Together with National COSH we are releasing an updated set of worker fact sheets for response and recovery workers, as well as residents in Houston and the Gulf Region.

These basic fact sheets are updated from Superstorm Sandy on disaster cleanup and recovery work and apply to any storm that brings flooding and a range of hazards (mold, toxins, chemical seepage, etc.). We hope these fact sheets will be useful to workers who need them – please feel free to repurpose as needed.

As we face climate disruption disasters and hazards together and these storms become more and more frequent, we aim to be in deeper solidarity and share what we know and learn from our networks of workers and safety advocates across New York and throughout the country.

Fact Sheets for Workers and Residents/Hojas Informativas Para Trabajadores y Residentes

Caution: Hurricane Cleanup can be Hazardous

Post-Hurricane and Flood Mold Clean-Up

Protecting Worker and Occupant Health From Sewage in Floodwaters

Guidelines for Mold Remediation 

Hurricane Cleanup Workers Mold Factsheet

How to Use a Respirator Factsheet for Hurricane Cleanup Workers

Como Usar un Respirador: Para Trabajadores de Limpieza Despues de un Huracan 

Hoja Informativa Sobre El Moho

La Limpieza del Moho Después de Sandy

Health Hazards

Mold Hierarchy of Controls

Health Effects of Mold Exposure


Core Principles of Disaster Preparedness and Response