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Forced into Dangerous Jobs

Immigrant workers have always played an important role in the American workforce, and the number of immigrant workers grows every year. But immigrants are often employed in industries with higher risks of job-related fatalities.

Immigrant Workers

Immigrant workers are employed in some of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. These dangerous jobs include construction work, transportation, public utilities, and many more. A recent report by NYCOSH entitled, “It’s No Accident,” showed that the majority of worker fatalities in construction in 2012 were of immigrant workers.

Your Rights

Both documented and undocumented workers are entitled to a safe workplace under U.S. health and safety laws. Workers are entitled to:

  • A workplace that is safe and free of recognized hazards
  • Talk to your supervisor about unsafe or unhealthy working conditions
  • File a complaint with OSHA about unsafe or unhealthy conditions
  • Refuse to do a job task that you reasonably think might put you in immediate danger
  • Know about the hazards in your workplace
  • Not to be discriminated against for reporting safety hazards
  • Access to records of medical tests and tests that monitor your work environment for hazardous materials
  • Access to information about injuries and illnesses that happen in your workplace

NYCOSH Support and Training

NYCOSH works in collaboration with community organizations, workers’ centers, unions, government agencies, and advocacy groups to increase workplace safety for immigrant workers through training, education and advocacy. NYCOSH offers a number of trainings, including, but not limited to:

  • Know Your Rights
  • Hazardous Chemicals (HazComm)
  • OSHA Rights
  • Scaffold Awareness
  • Respirator Awareness and Fit Testing
  • Domestic workers rights

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