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These resources help you navigate dangerous situations on your job site, your rights as a worker, and safety concerns relevant to your job. Resources also address the legal regulations concerning worker health and will help you take action to enforce your rights, keeping yourself and your workplace as safe as possible.

For Injured Workers

Injury and illness caused at work can be devastating. Find all the necessary information and forms to help you get your rightful worker’s compensation.

Multilingual Resources

Information about worker’s compensation, working as an immigrant, workplace hazards and more is available in Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Nepali.

Hazards on the Job

Find current information about workplace hazards specific to your job. Learn how to identify, evaluate, eliminate and control hazards before they lead to injury.

Know Your Rights

Even if you are not a U.S. Citizen or aren’t a union member, you have legal rights protecting your health and safety in the workplace.

External Resources & Other Organizations

Find resources and guides published by NYCOSH partners and associates. Materials are shared here with permission.

NYCOSH Reports

NYCOSH creates detailed reports on various worker’s health and safety issues, which can be found here.

Guides & Manuals

Here you will find a compilation of guides and manuals NYCOSH produces.  Find information for a specific area, as well as instructional guides for support.

White Papers

Read authoritative or government reports and guides providing you with in-depth information about a range of specific topics.

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