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NYCOSH’s industrial hygienist can conduct targeted on-site workplace environmental assessments for unions, organizations, or employers upon request. Priority is given to organizations that are members of NYCOSH.

NYCOSH conducts site assessments and sampling with detailed reports of findings and recommendation.  Typical requests include assessments for indoor environmental quality, moisture and mold concerns, adequacy of mechanical ventilation, chemical storage and laboratory safety, fire/emergency egress, occupational noise, vehicle and equipment emissions, protection of building occupants during construction and renovation, workplace violence risk factors, ergonomic risk factors, and chemical exposures.

NYCOSH also hosts seminars and forums on a variety of IH topics including indoor air quality and ergonomics.

NYCOSH is part of the NY Healthy Nail Salons coalition which is developing best practices, ventilation training, onsite assessments, and outreach to workers. We work collaboratively with the New York Healthy Nail Salons Coalition (Workers’ United NY-NJ Joint Board and Adhikaar) as well as government to model our work.

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