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Fighting for Workers Everywhere

You can find NYCOSH’s current initiatives—including campaigns, projects, and legislative priorities—here. NYCOSH’s initiatives showcase our work improving workers’ safety in many dangerous industries. You can also find information for those impacted by the WTC disaster or Superstorm Sandy.

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Immigrant Workers

Find out more about the current rights of immigrant workers, and learn how NYCOSH is working to expand those rights.

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Disaster Preparedness

Learn about the ongoing recovery efforts after Superstorm Sandy, and the work being done towards preparedness in the future.

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Scaffold Safety Law

The Scaffold Safety Law is a critical piece of legislation that supports New York’s workers on the job. Learn about why it’s an important tool to protect workers and the public at large.

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Temporary Workers

Temporary workers are among the most at-risk for workplace injury, and are regularly exploited on the job. Learn about some steps we can take to keep temporary workers safe and healthy.

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Young Workers

Learn more about young workers’ rights on the job and NYCOSH’s programs specifically for teen and young adult workers.

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Healthy Nail Salons

Learn about the unique health concerns of nail and beauty salon workers, and about NYCOSH’s work in improving the health and safety of those workers.

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The WTC Health Program

If you worked, lived, went to school, volunteered, or were present near or at Ground Zero after 9/11, and suffered negative health effects as a result, you may be eligible for the World Trade Center Health Program.

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NY Nail Salon Worker School

The New York Nail Salon Worker School was established by NYCOSH in 2016 to ensure that workers in New York can be trained to obtain licenses, build leadership in the workplace, and organize to create safe and healthy workplaces where their rights are respected.

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Manhattan Justice for Workers Collaborative

The Manhattan Justice for Workers Collaborative (MJWC), coordinated by NYCOSH, brings together non-profit organizations known locally and nationally for their high impact work with New York City’s low wage workers and their families.

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