Why Are Temp Workers at Risk?

Temporary workers often lack previous experience and full training, so their risk of workplace injury can be greater than that of permanent workers. In addition, some of the most dangerous jobs in the nation employ temporary workers, such as construction, waste, and recycling. Often, temporary workers don’t know who is responsible for their safety or how to report dangerous conditions, and they might be concerned that requesting proper training will lead to them being replaced. All these factors have led to temporary workers being some of the most high risk workers in the nation.

Your Rights

Both documented and undocumented workers are entitled to a safe workplace under U.S. health and safety laws. Workers are entitled to:

NYCOSH Support and Training

NYCOSH works in collaboration with community organizations, workers’ centers, unions, government agencies, and advocacy groups to increase workplace safety for immigrant workers through training, education and advocacy. NYCOSH offers a number of trainings, including, but not limited to:

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