Get Trained!

The Education and Training Program is a key component of building workers’ knowledge and power on the job. NYCOSH develops participatory, active trainings where workers of all ages, literacy levels and industries come together to identify hazards, develop solutions, and organize to change their conditions.

Topics include: youth safety, workplace violence, chemical hazards, infectious disease, excavations, fall protection, sexual harassment, know your rights, building health and safety committees, and many others.  

Training is made available in various ways. Most programs are arranged through unions, community organizations, and New York area labor councils and build upon the training that these organizations may already offer.

Many of NYCOSH’s trainings and industrial hygiene services are funded by federal and state grants and are available to participants free or at a nominal cost. Other trainings and industrial hygiene services are available on a low-cost, fee-for-service basis.

Please consult with your organization’s liason to NYCOSH for further information or call Executive Director Charlene Obernauer at (212) 227-6440 ext. 15  NYCOSH also offers open-enrollment public trainings and conferences, which are in our Events page.

To learn more about our training services, download our sample training services form here: Sample Training Services

Also, see the Spanish version here: Muestrario de servicios de capacitación del NYCOSH