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The NY Healthy Nail Salons Coalition Applauds Significant New York State Ventilation Regulations



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The NY Healthy Nail Salons Coalition Applauds Significant New York State Ventilation Regulations

The NY Healthy Nail Salons Coalition applauds the leadership of Governor Cuomo and the Departments of State and Health for this ventilation regulation, an essential public health measure which will protect all those who spend time in a nail salon, including workers, clients and business owners. We are excited about the ventilation regulations in nail salons, which will be put in effect in all new salons on October 3rd, and will need to be implemented in all existing salons within a 5-year time frame.

We have been pushing for these health and safety regulations since day one of the coalition’s work – the worker leaders we’ve met through health and safety trainings and organizing truly highlight what’s most significant: this life-changing rule protects and strengthens the rights of primarily immigrant Asian and Latina workers.

Ventilation regulations are the 2nd-most effective way to ensure that nail salon workers and consumers are not breathing in toxic air within the salons. The first most effective is of course, banning the chemicals themselves, which we will continue to push for with our partners at the National Nail Salon Alliance.

We look forward to working together with policy leaders, business communities and consumers to support workers in organizing themselves and transforming their industry.




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